Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Normally, the September issue of any fashion magazine comes with pages upon pages of stick-thin models parading around in the latest haute couture.

What one does not expect to see is a normal-looking woman sitting naked and exposing(or showing off, as in this case) a normal-looking belly! But Glamour Magazine showcased just such a woman on page 194 (well, perhaps 'showcased' is a bit of a strong term for this) of their September issue and the response, reportedly, has been tremendous. The woman is 20-year-old model Lizzi Miller who at a size 12 is considered plus sized by fashion industry standards.

From someone who doesn't sport rock hard abs, (to quote Eric Bana from a recent interview, 'Abs are for people with no friends.') it's quite refreshing to see a woman with a normal body gracing the glossy pages of a fashion mag.

It's a small step I suppose, and it's taken the industry a long time to start recognizing a variety of female body types, but it is good to see a gradual change in our perception and representation of the female form.

It would be nice to see some real men in magazines as well, instead of the chiseled, mannequin-like robotic forms we do see.


rockfish said...

Completely agree. And its refreshing to see someone show their confidence with themselves -- 'real' is hot.
No doubt that photo is going to attract a few more readers.

google_account said...

I've always been a fan of plus-size models! There's a great site with many images of plus-size models here:

They're all gorgeous. The site's forum also features many thought-provoking discussions on body image.